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Defence On Display at Popular Airshow

Air, Wings Over Wairarapa, Aircraft, Air show : Nieuport ll
A Nieuport ll on display at 2009 Wings over Wairarapa (OH09-0016-32)

20 January 2009

All three Services were on display to the public at the 2009 Wings Over Wairarapa airshow. The biennial airshow attracted record crowds on 17 & 18 January and the Army, Navy and Air Force contributed ground and air displays at the event.

The RNZAF made the biggest contribution, with seven helicopters, the Red Checkers aerobatic team, their RNZAF vintage Harvard and the Kiwi Blue parachute team. The crowd-pleasing helicopter display included six soldiers who fast-roped from a hovering Iroquois to the applause of the crowd.

A Navy Seasprite helicopter was part of the massed helicopter display, showing its power and speed as well as undertaking a winch transfer to a simulated 'boat', with a ute speeding down the runway acting as the 'boat'.

On the ground the RNZAF had a tented camp, while the Army contributed a LAV and LOV to the military vehicle line up. Both the RNZAF Museum and the Army Museum contributed to the show as well. Over the lunch period talented musicians from the jazz band of the Central Band of the RNZAF, with Stephanie Paris on vocals, treated the crowd to a smooth performance that included tunes such as 'Fly me to the Moon' and 'The girl from Ipanema'.

The crowd was clearly delighted with the Services' presence, however the Kiwi Blue parachute descent, in high winds, drew the most applause, as the jumpers landed with precision only metres from the crowd.

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