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Helping Out Our Furry Friends

AC Izzy Corbett - Passion4Paws
AC Izzy Corbett

July 2017
By Corporal Melanie Maitland – No. 5 Squadron

A team of logistics personnel from Base Auckland set off to offer our services to a charity that gives unwanted animals a second chance of getting a home.

Passion4Pawz is a no-kill dog rescue centre run by a mum with a young baby. It is also the sister charity to Chained Dogs Awareness NZ. Taryn Gibbs has about 25 dogs, which have come from extreme abuse, neglect, or from people unable to afford to keep them.

The charity runs solely on donations and volunteers, so being able to provide some people power for half a day was a huge help to the centre and made us feel pretty good too.

While we were there, we discovered it’s not only dogs Ms Gibbs saves but all animals. She was involved recently in the rescue of 1800 battery hens and has offered to take some of them in, which led us to our first job, building chicken coops. There were already a couple set up but they needed to be reinforced, made safe and watertight. The team put their creative minds together and, with material found around the property and one hammer, we created two shelters for the hens. We won’t be quitting our day jobs in a hurry, but considering the tools we had to work with the coops looked surprisingly good.

We then put together a massive dog run that had been donated to the rescue some time ago, but had been sitting in the garage waiting for someone to assemble it. It was a fiddly job, but we had a little three-legged friend to keep us company, which made it all the more enjoyable.

I would like to thank LSS for being so willing to help. With so many people putting their hands up to help it had to be a first-in first-serve basis, which says a lot about our people. The team that did attend got stuck in, with a positive attitude and work ethic. I was blown away by their hard work and willingness to get their hands dirty for a good cause.

If you would like to volunteer your time or would like to give a dog a second chance at life and foster or adopt please contact the emails below:

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