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RNZAF Techs ‘Bash’ for charity

The RNZAF ‘Bash’ 2010 support team: (L to R) LAC Lyle Wooller, SGT Joe Stapleton, LAC Rachael Taylor, LAC Jeremy Flower, FLTLT Scott Griffin, F/S Richard Burn, AC Tom Vandermeer, CPL Graham Russell, CPL Sav Cameron, AC Rhys Grey, LAC Dan Hartnett, LAC Dave Page, and LAC Zoltan Zielstra. Absent: LAC James Keer-Keer and CPL Doug Watt. WN10-0002-048
The RNZAF ‘Bash’ 2010 support team. WN10-0002-048

4 March 2010

Most recognisable for its convoy of wacky vehicles, the ‘Variety Club Bash Tour’ (known as the ‘Bash’), is an annual charity event run through The Variety Club of New Zealand—a non-profit charity, dedicated to assisting Kiwi kids in need.

Over the period 4–14 March, the Royal New Zealand Air Force deployed six mobile maintenance crews to support the 50-strong fleet of ‘Bash’ vehicles—all pre-1978 vintage.

The Bash began its charity journey in Christchurch and finished in Auckland. Along the way, the ’bashers’ carried out:

  • fire alarm installations in 600 homes
  • school visits
  • grant distributions, and
  • fund raising events

This year, the Ground Support Equipment Techs had ample opportunity to prove their worth—and prove it they did! On multiple occasions the ’Bash’ vehicles were stranded in remote locations, requiring mechanical roadside assistance .In all cases, our technicians were able to get them back on the road through a combination of problem solving and good-old Kiwi ingenuity.

The Bash travels throughout the country raising money and bringing happiness to the lives of New Zealand families. 2010 marked not only the 20th Anniversary of the Bash but also the 13th year of support from the RNZAF.

‘Bash’ 2010 was a resounding success and the RNZAF provided valuable support, which assisted in raising a staggering $400,000 for a very worthy charity.


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