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CT-4E Airtrainer

Aerial Image of a CT-4/E Airtrainer over Gisborne returning to RNZAF Base Ohake. (OH-08-0612-02)

The Pilot Training School and the Central Flying School (CFS) share the 13 CT-4E Airtrainers at Ohakea. The CT-4E Airtrainers are used to help train our pilots and the aircraft are also used by the RNZAF’s formation aerobatic display team the Red Checkers.

The Red Checkers represent the pinnacle of RNZAF flying standards through their conduct of precision formation aerobatic displays. The team is made up of senior RNZAF Flying Instructors who are all experienced operational pilots.

Every manoeuvre and routine they undertake is flown to exacting standards with safety always being paramount. They are an important component of the RNZAF's engagement with the public and the wider aviation community through the many air shows they attend and displays they conduct.

Aircraft CT-4E Airtrainer
Manufacturer Pacific Aerospace Limited (PACL)
Power Plant 1 x Textron Lycoming AEIO 540 (develops 300hp)
Length 7.15m (23ft,5in)
Wingspan 7.92m (26ft)
Wingspan 2.56m (8ft, 5in)
Weight Basic Weight empty 773kgs (1,700lbs)
Cruise speed 278km/h (150kts)
Max speed 386km/h (209kts)
Service ceiling 5,4450m (18,200ft)
Max range 540NM (1,000km)
Fleet History The RNZAF took delivery of the first of 13 leased CT-4E Airtrainers (NZ1985 - NZ1997) in August 1998. The 13th aircraft was delivered in June 1999