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Boeing 757

A RNZAF Boeing 757 lands in Antarctica - the first flight of the Antarctic season for 2017.

The Boeing 757 element of the Fixed Wing Transport Force (FWTF) is provided by No. 40 Squadron RNZAF. The Squadron operates two Boeing 757 aircraft in a passenger freight role.

These aircraft provide strategic airlift capability to carry personnel and equipment globally in support of operations and deployments. 

They are also used regularly for VIP transport, as well as ministerial and trade missions around the world.

They are crewed by two pilots and up to six cabin crew.

Aircraft Boeing 757-2K2
Manufacturer Boeing (USA)
Power plant 2 x Rolls Royce RB211535E4/4B turbofans
Length 47.32m
Wingspan 38.05m
Height 13.56m
Basic weight 57,180kgs
Gross weight 115,680kgs
Max payload 22,460 kgs
Max fuel 43,490L
Range 4000 nm (7400 km)
Cruising speed Mach 0.8 (850km/h at 10,675m)
Fleet History Two Boeing 757-200 were received in 2003. Starting in 2007 both aircraft were fitted with an upper deck cargo door to facilitate an 11-pallet cargo capability, internal air stairs, upgraded engines and flight deck enhancements including full compliance with current global air navigation specifications and standards.