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P-3K Orion aerial survey of flood damage in the Far North

WN 07-0124-05-tn.jpg: Aerial image of the flood damaged areas of the far north.

A RNZAF P-3K Orion flew over much of the Far North on July 11 to relay information to rescue teams on the ground following heavy rain and severe flooding on the previous evening. This video, filmed from the Orion on July 11, is a segment of the footage that was provided to civil defence on the day.

Right image showing Aerial image of the flood damaged areas of the far north.

The Far North was hit with a month’s worth of rain in less than 12 hours on the night of July 10, leaving many homes flooded or without power. The next morning Army Unimog’s assisted in some of the worst hit areas while the RNZAF P-3K Orion, two Iroquois helicopters and a Seasprite helicopter assisted by surveying damage, delivering supplies to isolated communities and evacuating those in need of medical care.

The video audio contains the sound of the Orion's engines in the background only.

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