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Timor Leste 2008

The New Zealand Defence Force currently has 180 personnel deployed to Timor-Leste. The images below show the deployment of the first of the two RNZAF Iroquois helicopters to Timor Leste on 23 April.  The two Iroquois and their 3 Squadron crews will work alongside the Australian Defence Force aviation assets already in Timor Leste to insert and extract patrols and assist with the provision of aero medical evacuation and air logistic support.

See our Overseas Missions section for deployment information.

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Local children crowd an Iroquois. WN-07-0036-73
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Leaving East Timor. OH-08-0700-80
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Kids play in the street. OH-08-0702-14
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Winching training. OH-08-0703-45
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East Timor damaged wall. OH-08-0703-95
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Kids play in the old church ruins. OH-08-0705-60
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